Week 24 – The Real “I”

For some reason his week all the little ‘sayings’ really jumped out at me. Emerson’s ‘Nothing can permanently deny it’s true nature’ has certainly summed up a lot! Some things that seem like miracles, like a plant growing, is just it’s true nature. We spend our whole life trying to change our surroundings when ‘You must become the change that you seek’. This must be why success requires less effort than failure. We are designed to grow and what we think about grows. Keep that PMA because after a while we don’t even realize that we are trying and we don’t know how we are changing things, but we are. It all goes on auto pilot!

With one of my PPN’s being True Health, paragraph 8 resonated with me. It states that because all conditions are thought creations, disease and lack are simply mental conditions in which the person fails to perceive the truth, and as soon as that error is removed, the condition is removed.  Believe and realize this ‘Truth’.

One more – “The meaning of life is to find your gift – The purpose of life is to give it away”. That sounds consistent with that fourth promise.

Week 22A – Let it Be

In our most recent Master Keys we learned that the processes of the subconscious mind usually proceed without our personal knowledge or direction, and as long as we do not interfere with thoughts of fear, doubt and anxiety, the result is perfect. So, in a way, as strange as it sounds, if we can literally think nothing then we can remain healthy! However, thinking positive and healthy and having those ‘good vibrations’ should really enhance things. These laws of vibration, the result of our mental action, govern our health; mental therapeutics as it is referred to. People that have negative thoughts tend to be less healthy physically. I also feel that it is not only our own thoughts which can impede good health, but the thoughts of others around us.

Week 22 – True Health

I avoid with fury the killers of time! It felt good to write that one down while moving on to chapter 13. So where do we begin when it seems that so much in our life wastes our time? I like to begin by being aware and respectful of other peoples time. We are learning now that for most of our life we have been wasting “thought” time. Proper thought time is most efficient during silence. More silence equals less wasted time!

Part 22 was great for me, as I’m sure it was for many of us who have ‘True Health’ as one of our PPN’s. Think about good health and we shall be healthy. This subject of mental therapeutics is something for all of us to expand upon.

Week 21 – Miracles

Isn’t it great that someone as scientifically advanced as Einstein was such a proponent of miracles? I’ll bet he also believed that the more we learn, the more we realize what we don’t know. So this is a really cool journey. Throughout time ‘miracles’ may get figured out from a scientific standpoint. Then we don’t call them miracles anymore. How many things in our life do we take for granted and simply accept that could be considered a ‘miracle’?

On to the atoms: what is it made of? a nucleus (protons and neutrons clumped together) with electrons orbiting around it. Are they made of something? And how about all that orbit space between the electrons and the nucleus? So basically these atoms are a lot of nothing that makes up EVERYTHING! Yes, that sounds like a miracle.

Week 20 – multi tasking

I’ve never been to good at multi tasking. Seeing others who “seemed” good at multitasking would make me a little envious at times. In today’s world of non-stop information being whirled at us and a constant connection to everything and everyone, we are forced to try to multi task just to keep pace. Reading the Sanford put me more at ease! It was intriguing to learn that the multi taskers are paying attention to things that they don’t even need to! I’ve often joked that when someone relays useless information to me I hope that it didn’t replace something useful that was in my mind! Concentrate, focus and get the most out of every step of learning and filter out all of the ‘noise’. I want to be a light that shines, but not one that lights a room; more like a laser!

Week 19 – Good vs. Evil?

The one part of this weeks reading that really stood out for me was number 8 of the Master Keys. It touches in on good and evil in the moral world, but it basically states that there is not really a good verses evil as we may have understood it. Good is something; evil is not, it is a negative condition. Evil is destroyed by good. It is….the absence of good! Light can destroy darkness but not the other way around. You can’t bring darkness into an already lit room and make it dark!

Knowing this truth allows us to apply the principle to our lives. One general complaint by many, my self included, is that there is not enough time to accomplish what we want to. This course has allowed us to take an accepted negative, like lack of time, and use it to our advantage. Because there is a finite amount of time, our duty to ourselves is to fill that time up with all the good things; the things we know that make our lives better. Then there is no room left for the bad. So there we have it! We just figured out a way to eliminate all the bad, evil or negative things in our lives!

Week 17 – Concentration

Each week while reading the Masterkeys there is usually one thing that really stands out for me. This week it was the parts about concentration, specifically part 6, where it states how concentration is misunderstood. It explains how concentration should not have much effort associated with it! The reason being is that we should be so engrossed in the thought that we can’t be conscious of anything else – it sort of becomes automatic. I think we’ve all had these ‘moments’ but may not have realized it. There have been times while driving to work or home and thinking about something and arriving at the destination and not recalling anything about the trip itself! This apparently is how focused and automatic our thoughts toward our DMP’s must be – really getting ‘caught up’ in that moment. I do feel this happening more so through all of the exercises we do in this program.

And remember – if something good comes your way, you made it happen!