Week 3 – I feel the ball beginning to roll!

So this is my 2nd blog. EVER! I’m actually enjoying operating out of my comfort ‘box’. I’ve certainly had a few ‘a-ha’ moments throughout all the readings. I do feel the difference in re-wording and reading scroll 1 in GS without ‘will’. (except for if it is my will!) This weeks master keys get a little scientific which is starting to make things make a little more sense while still realizing this is a leap of faith. I just turned in my DMP again and feel pretty good about it. Liberty and True health – here we go!

The cards work! I actually look forward to getting the chore done! Must be something with the colored symbols?

I’ve appreciated the blogs of who I follow and good comments are on the way. Here’s to a great rest of week 3!



2 thoughts on “Week 3 – I feel the ball beginning to roll!

  1. Brian – I know what you mean about getting the ball rolling…At first I was overwhelmed trying to get it all together ….like you, now I feel more relaxed and am enjoying the process! Keep up the good work!


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