Week 5 – Seeing some changes?

I must say that I’m really enjoying this whole learning process and more importantly the mental training process. One of my strengths, which is also one of my weaknesses, is that things need to make sense to me and at least be logical. Although a lot of what we’ve learned still seems a little far fetched, I’m running with it and I believe that things are working! Just the service cards alone are great – it’s making me get stuff done which I feel great about! But some of what we’ve learned has made me take note of how situations in my daily routines have played out. We’ve learned that if consciously directed properly, the subconscious is always at work and can and will solve any problem for us. In the past I may have worried how the outcomes of certain situations would end up. Now I find myself worrying less, believing that things will work out good, and noticing when they do. Also, in the past, although I may have noticed a good outcome, I didn’t put much thought into it, but I would be grateful. Now, when I take note of a good outcome, I tell myself that I made it happen!


3 thoughts on “Week 5 – Seeing some changes?

  1. Great Idea to take credit for the outcome.. I struggled with this in the beginning quite a bit. Almost as though a switch went off though all of this now is making complete sense to me. S we just need to keep digging and as Mark says ~Believe 🙂


  2. masterkeyannemb says:

    I too am finding the service cards are great; I get carried away with the result when it just happens I get encouraged to do more.


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