Week 6 – Nuggets

Each week, as I read and do the exercises, I try to let something (or some things) stand out and strike interest with me. These things I refer to as ‘nuggets’. This week so far a couple things really stood out and made me think about how my habits, good or bad, may be affecting things in my life. The first was that MRI test that showed how we see our future self as a stranger! That being the primary reason why we procrastinate on things. Why else would we not do something when we all know and believe that by not doing it makes it worse for ourselves in the future! OK, so present me and future me is the same person – got it! Now plan accordingly, don’t procrastinate and make life a bit easier for future ME!

The second was the fact that most of us can’t stay focused on any one thing for even 10 minutes. But, if what we are learning is to actually work, we need to! For the sitting exercise I’ll start with a photograph that I really want to look at!

It’s nice that we are beginning to learn why this whole process works from a bit of a scientific standpoint. That starts to satisfy the ‘logical thinker’ in me. The feelings and belief is what’s really greasing the skids though!


2 thoughts on “Week 6 – Nuggets

  1. What a gift it is to get to know and love our future selves. I totally agree this will now be the fix I have been looking for all my life as a procrastinator as long as I can remember. The belief and faith in all of this is 100% there for me as it seems so for you as well. ~Peace on this journey


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