Week 7 – Another Diet?

I’ve never been much of a “dieter”, in the food sense, that is. We all know that most ‘diets’ just don’t work in the long run. We generally know what’s good for us, what to eat or not to eat and how much and so forth. But, this mental diet is something far different as I’m finding out. We know how difficult it may be to follow a diet and this seems no different, and sometimes even more so! That negative thought enters the mind before you even realize it. However, I do find myself ‘catching’ it and trying to correct it quickly. Again, it’s not easy but I feel that with more practice this habit will become more second nature. Either way it is changing the way I handle a negative situation by realizing my initial thoughts or reactions and nipping it in the bud, so to speak!

This visualization thing is great! As I’ve mentioned in past blogs, I’ve always been a ‘why things work’ kind of person. But this all requires faith and belief. Part 7 masterkey intro page even says ‘It can and does bring about results by methods concerning which the human or individual mind can have no possible conception’.

It’s a knowingness that is a work in progress!


4 thoughts on “Week 7 – Another Diet?

  1. Hey Brian this is a great reflection on week 7. Stopping negativity is not easy and it seems to be a constant restarting. It sounds as though you have got it worked out pretty well. Excellent!


  2. masterkeyannemb says:

    Know what you mean about food diets. With persistence re this mental diet I am becoming addicted to the calm that substitution brings when a negative though is thrown out. Iespecially love those 7 sconds I have to deal with the negative thought; it is like a welcome friend. Thank you for sharing your expreience.


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