Week 13 – back on track with the exercises

The timing of what was generally discussed in this weeks webinar was right on for me. “Don’t start slipping with the exercises!” The holiday season gets the best of us when it comes to losing focus on things. So now its time to kick it back in gear full force with the readings, sits, cards, etc. I did notice one thing though; the thinking remained constant and my reactions to situations has definitely been more positive. We are developing a knowingness, and that is pretty exciting!

I know the exercises are serving a specific purpose to allow us to be a channel to the infinite power and wisdom of the Universal Mind, but on a much simpler level life is just more positive with regards to my thoughts and feelings. It’s sort of a combination of the Law of Substitution and Dual Thought. You know that negativity is still there but it really has taken a back seat and it needs to work really hard to get my full attention!


Week 11 – Believe that ye receive….

Part 11 was a little confusing for me to read this week. It talks first about inductive reasoning, then how opposites attract (magnets, chemistry, etc.). Cuvier, Leverrier? But then it jumps in to the point of it all – In order to accomplish what is sought, believe that it has been accomplished! That’s how we were instructed to write our DMP’s. This is belief. This is faith. I guess we don’t really need to know why at this point, but just that it will. Part 20 mentions how people secure results by some process which they do not seem to understand themselves, and to which they usually attach mystery. This ‘puzzle’ that we are all involved with is definitely becoming a clearer picture, although several pieces are still scattered about! But that doesn’t really matter right now when I consider the progress I’ve seen through doing all the exercises and having faith that this works. This course has inspired me to pay closer attention in church too, especially since much of what we are learning is right out of the scriptures. There is one line we hear that I never put much thought to before but now it’s becoming clearer – “The Mystery of Faith”.

Week 10 – Plenty to go around!

I’m finding that sometimes I learn things backwards! Simply learning that there is an existence of natural laws of the universe has changed my way of thinking. True cause and effect begins with how we think, right? For these laws to play out we need to first have our mind and emotions doing the right things. The laws have always been there but my brain is only 44 years old! I love the analogy of how electricity works and the parallels with how the laws work. Our brain, thoughts and emotions must be like the on/off switch of an electrical circuit of natural universal laws. And how about this law of abundance? Nature is lavish, extravagant, even wasteful! There is an abundance for everyone! It’s funny how the opposite is often preached to us through mainstream media and conventional education. I am truly grateful to be learning the truth of how life can and should work!