Week 11 – Believe that ye receive….

Part 11 was a little confusing for me to read this week. It talks first about inductive reasoning, then how opposites attract (magnets, chemistry, etc.). Cuvier, Leverrier? But then it jumps in to the point of it all – In order to accomplish what is sought, believe that it has been accomplished! That’s how we were instructed to write our DMP’s. This is belief. This is faith. I guess we don’t really need to know why at this point, but just that it will. Part 20 mentions how people secure results by some process which they do not seem to understand themselves, and to which they usually attach mystery. This ‘puzzle’ that we are all involved with is definitely becoming a clearer picture, although several pieces are still scattered about! But that doesn’t really matter right now when I consider the progress I’ve seen through doing all the exercises and having faith that this works. This course has inspired me to pay closer attention in church too, especially since much of what we are learning is right out of the scriptures. There is one line we hear that I never put much thought to before but now it’s becoming clearer – “The Mystery of Faith”.


6 thoughts on “Week 11 – Believe that ye receive….

  1. Hi Brian, I enjoyed reading your thoughts. Thanks for sharing. God bless you on your journey. Please read my poems I wrote in my blog Week 11 and give me your thoughts. Thank you.


  2. Yes, I agree Brian! Sometimes the readings are confusing at first, but then through persistence in reading them, they are filled with such terrific insights, support and wisdom! Sounds like this journey is being very meaningful for you – YAY! Stay the course and there will be more rewards…I have FAITH that there will be 🙂


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