Week 17 – Concentration

Each week while reading the Masterkeys there is usually one thing that really stands out for me. This week it was the parts about concentration, specifically part 6, where it states how concentration is misunderstood. It explains how concentration should not have much effort associated with it! The reason being is that we should be so engrossed in the thought that we can’t be conscious of anything else – it sort of becomes automatic. I think we’ve all had these ‘moments’ but may not have realized it. There have been times while driving to work or home and thinking about something and arriving at the destination and not recalling anything about the trip itself! This apparently is how focused and automatic our thoughts toward our DMP’s must be – really getting ‘caught up’ in that moment. I do feel this happening more so through all of the exercises we do in this program.

And remember – if something good comes your way, you made it happen!


Week 15 – Makover

Ben Franklin always seems to pop up in these types of study circles; success, innovation, founding principles, self discovery, etc. He was quite an amazing person. They don’t just let any slouch on the $100 bill, right?!

So I choose ‘taking initiative’ as the first week virtue. It’s not that I don’t take initiative well, but it just reminded me of that ‘future self’ thing we learned several weeks ago regarding procrastination. That really hit home with me and it’s something I’ve been very aware of and I have improved many little task things in my life because of that. I noticed it on both ends with others this week. Some just ‘doing it now’ and others putting things on the back burner so to speak. Either way it has enhanced that awareness in me and motivated me to get those little chores done. The reward is simply knowing that I’m going to have that great feeling of accomplishment when it’s done!

Best wishes to everyone in the weeks to come.

Week 14 – Harmony

I tend to enjoy the MasterKeys a bit more when they touch in on the science end of things. Learning about electrons in our body, our cells, how there is an actual physical connection with our thoughts and what we manifest. That is, of course, if we can comprehend that an atom and its electrons is something physical or merely a form of ‘energy’. My thought is ‘something’, just like light traveling through the air or electric current through a copper wire. I knew that the speed of light is 186,000 miles per second, but its quite amazing that this was discovered in 1676 – wow!

OK – on to the silver screen. I watched ‘Cool Runnings’. And yes, all the ingredients and parallels were there in regards to what we are learning and practicing in this course. DMP – Make it to the Olympics! (Jamacian track team) This DMP had to be backed by a burning desire to overcome the fact that the main character (Derice) had his hopes squashed after getting accidentally tripped in his qualifying run. After learning of a past Olympian in bobsledding who resides on the island, Derice is able to envision his plan of action and re-ignite his hopes of going to the Olympics – for bobsledding! Derice knew he needed a coach and the help of his best friend with this, and, after much begging and convincing and persistence, he got the start of his team. Ironically, two other guys who were competitors for the track team end up coming forward and being on the bobsled team. It looks like the team, and the mastermind alliance was now complete. Although they didn’t win ‘gold’, they all won by changing old blueprints and overcoming insurmountable odds. Great movie! Oh yeah, it apparently means ‘peace be the journey’. Nice!