Week 15 – Makover

Ben Franklin always seems to pop up in these types of study circles; success, innovation, founding principles, self discovery, etc. He was quite an amazing person. They don’t just let any slouch on the $100 bill, right?!

So I choose ‘taking initiative’ as the first week virtue. It’s not that I don’t take initiative well, but it just reminded me of that ‘future self’ thing we learned several weeks ago regarding procrastination. That really hit home with me and it’s something I’ve been very aware of and I have improved many little task things in my life because of that. I noticed it on both ends with others this week. Some just ‘doing it now’ and others putting things on the back burner so to speak. Either way it has enhanced that awareness in me and motivated me to get those little chores done. The reward is simply knowing that I’m going to have that great feeling of accomplishment when it’s done!

Best wishes to everyone in the weeks to come.


9 thoughts on “Week 15 – Makover

  1. Excellent perspective on “taking initiative”, I didn’t see it from that angle concerning my “future self”. Thank you for sharing. I have been adding little tasks also to help me in this area but this will give me more to be aware of. Have a wonderful week, I’m grateful I read your blog.


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