Week 17 – Concentration

Each week while reading the Masterkeys there is usually one thing that really stands out for me. This week it was the parts about concentration, specifically part 6, where it states how concentration is misunderstood. It explains how concentration should not have much effort associated with it! The reason being is that we should be so engrossed in the thought that we can’t be conscious of anything else – it sort of becomes automatic. I think we’ve all had these ‘moments’ but may not have realized it. There have been times while driving to work or home and thinking about something and arriving at the destination and not recalling anything about the trip itself! This apparently is how focused and automatic our thoughts toward our DMP’s must be – really getting ‘caught up’ in that moment. I do feel this happening more so through all of the exercises we do in this program.

And remember – if something good comes your way, you made it happen!


4 thoughts on “Week 17 – Concentration

  1. I know what you mean. I am surprised I don’t get lost> That really is true though when we become lost in our thoughts (and don’t drive off the road) good thongs come into our mind, heart, soul, spirit. Thanks for sharing.


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