Week 20 – multi tasking

I’ve never been to good at multi tasking. Seeing others who “seemed” good at multitasking would make me a little envious at times. In today’s world of non-stop information being whirled at us and a constant connection to everything and everyone, we are forced to try to multi task just to keep pace. Reading the Sanford put me more at ease! It was intriguing to learn that the multi taskers are paying attention to things that they don’t even need to! I’ve often joked that when someone relays useless information to me I hope that it didn’t replace something useful that was in my mind! Concentrate, focus and get the most out of every step of learning and filter out all of the ‘noise’. I want to be a light that shines, but not one that lights a room; more like a laser!


5 thoughts on “Week 20 – multi tasking

  1. masterkeyannemb says:

    Hi Brian
    I particularly like your joks about displacing “good stuff” from your head. I have chuckled over that a number of minutes. Love it.


  2. It’s interesting, as years ago on interviews if they asked if you could multi task the answer would be “yes, I’m great at multi tasking”. I actually thought I was great at multi tasking and now look at everything much differently with focus (and still find myself adjusting the lens)! Enjoy, Carol


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